App Privacy

Our Cryptic Word Puzzles – 5 a Day app (available from Google Play) currently collects no data about you. You use it anonymously. It simply provides an alternative interface to the five questions each day on our website. Any statistics/data/information which is collected comes from your downloading the app on Google Play.

At some point, the app may be updated to include membership, logins, summaries, history and so on. This will include storing data When it does, we will – of course – clearly indicate this in the app on Google Play, and we will update this page accordingly.


We work hard to ensure that the content of this site is reasonably appropriate for all. By their nature, cryptic clues are designed to misdirect, tease and suggest – but we try to ensure that we work within reasonable boundaries of prejudice, suggestion and morals.

Bear in mind that the clues often require some knowledge to be solved, and that this knowledge also carries implications and responsibility – and that knowledge is already yours, not ours!