Cryptic Crosswords Online

Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay 

If you enjoy solving the clues on this site, you might like to try cryptic crosswords.

There are lots of these online (many newspapers publish them), but not all are free to use. So here are our favourites among those which we believe are free:

The Guardian (select the Cryptic option for weekdays, Prize for Saturdays, Everyman on Sundays. If you want a real challenge, try the Azed). Print, solve online or with an app

The Independent (select the Cryptic option) Online or print

Financial Times Print out – there’s an option at the bottom of the crossword graphic

As we say, there are plenty of other options including The Times (London), the New York Times, the Telegraph (in the UK) and many more.

Let us know your favourites, and we’ll include them in our list

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